Turnkey Bank As a Service

Our technology is driven by the end-user’s need to gain better financial transparency and freedom. We designed our BAaS to deliver flexible Banking solutions, ready to use.

AVISCEN solutions give businesses and banks the ability to deliver  more personalised and smooth service, by empowering the end-user with a clearer understanding of their finances and options.

AVISCEN Services

Provide Smart Scalable solutions


The AVISCEN scalability solution is based on its design and architecture, and is the key to tailor-made solutions.
We’re able to cater for large scale and high-usage deployments because we store and process data using scalable and state-of-the-art technology.

Portofolio Management

Our Backoffice Channel is making fast all your products and services implementation– from apps and online banking, to websites for onboarding new customers, to customer service and sales tools.

Continuous Improvment

User experience is improved continuousely, new Markets and Customer needs are our path to ensure Continuous Improvment.