AVISCEN is a Smart Bank As a Service Solution, designed mainly for African countries.

With AVISCEN, you can create a new NEO BANK (On Mobile), with a rich Portfolio of Banking products (Accounts, Savings, Loans, Insurances, Cards), available full Time, with high Level of Security. All Banking operations are implemented enabling customers to manage their products and operations remotely from their Smartphones.

AVISCEN NEO BANK System provide smart daily services for customers and Corporates.

AVISCEN Bank As a Service is, a cloud-hosted, micro service-orientated, secured, scalable, flexible, Full Digital services and simple API-driven solution.

AVISCEN is providing a Core Banking Engine, a Portfolio Management tool, and all Banking layers as BI, CRM, Reporting, Mobile Apps with a high SLAs.

AVISCEN is driving Banking projects as IT projects with agility and flexibility, by designing Tailor made solutions to suit customers needs and market requirements.

We can adapt our solutions to fit your requirements, depending on countries, languages, legislations, currencies, banking Portfolio and Banking management rules.

The spirit of AVISCEN is focused on strengthen African innovation ecosystems by supporting a culture of innovation and competitiveness, while stimulating the growth of innovative, market-driven African solutions to Africa’s challenges.

AVISCEN wants to play a leading role in technological change by transforming markets and societies in Africa. This fast, secure and easy-to-use bank service opens up huge and still untapped commercial potential for financial and business ecosystems in Africa.

AVISCEN has been watching with mounting interest local economies boomed across the African continent.

Africa is the continent of choice for investments in infrastructure and manufacturing.

Custom solutions, flexible delivery, IT agility project life cycle, continuous integration, cloud infrastructure, all the ingredients for turnkey solutions while reducing time-to-market.

We offer you dedicated partnership with our experience and knowledge in Banking and finance Technologies.